Enterprise Media Platform

This enterprise platform gives customers the ability to monitor & manage their video clips across the Vidy network & different social media channels. It enables customers to easily setup reports and understand how their audience is engaging & reacting to their content.

  • ClientVidy
  • Year2016 - 2017
  • Responsibilities UX DesignUI DesignInteraction Design

Project Flow

Instead of overwhelming new customers with a ton of data and information from the start, we wanted to route new users through a dashboard personalization process that allowed them to configure widgets and componenents to their needs. If this was the first time the customer accessed the platform, they would go through this process - otherwise they would be directed to their personalized dashboard.

Rejected Dashboard Wireframe

This was a quickly rejected 3 column dashboard design wireframe. I didn't even have time to finish all the component designs lol.

Dashboard Design

This was the completed dashboard design that was handed off to the development team. After going back and forth and collecting feedback, we still landed on a 3 column design, but with a sidebar + 2 column 50% widget split instead of a fixed right sidebar.

Customize Widget Modal

From the Dashboard users are able to modify & arrange different widgets. Through this Customize Net Sentiment widget here, customers can update the widget title, select the content sources & regions to monitor and see a preview of the sentiment before saving to their Dashboard.

Clip Preview Modal

We decided that showing the video clip in a modal was the best approach so customers can quickly preview & close to get back to the previous screen.

Search Results

First off, I think we can all agree there is just too much Bieber going on here. This is the Search results view, since the focus is on clips we decided showing the results in a grid view was the best approach initally. Users can filter & sort the results by date, source, channel & popularity. To make it easier for people to access these specific search results later, we provided the ability for people to save & load their search filters at a later time.

Account Settings

Basic Account Settings page for customers to update and manage their account.