Demand Side Platform

The G4 DSP (Demand Side Platform) uses high-frequency algorithms that work behind the scenes to know when to optimally bid on users impressions across each stage of the funnel. Businesses reach consumers across display, mobile, video social and wearables in a true plug and play multi-channel environment. This platform allowed people to setup self service campaigns and target users at the point of intent.

  • ClientGravity4
  • Year2016
  • ResponsibilitiesUX DesignUI DesignFrontend Development

DSP Dashboard Design

This is the Self Serivce DSP Dashboard design. This page shows customers the performance and status of all their current ad campaigns running across the network.

Add Advertiser

This modal allows the account managers to easily create new Advertisers.

Advertiser List View

This screen displays all of the Advertisers tied to the customers account. Customers / account managers can modify the advertiser status or details all from this screen.


The Campaign page shows all Active, Paused & Recently Deleted Campaigns. Each active campaign displays the ad spend, campaign progress & performance.

Audience Forecast

This page allows the Advertiser to edit their audience with different rules and data types to control the reach of their campaigns.

Advertiser Campaigns Wireframe

When a specific Advertiser is selected, in this case Nike, it shows the overall performance of all campaigns running on the ad network. Below there is a campaign list where the account manager can edit individual campaigns.